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Between the Buried and Me - The Great Misdirect (2009)

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The 2nd Video documentary. Nice humor I guess, the all-too-brief bits of his bass and the clip at the end may only raise more questions, but that hardly lowers my excitement.

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Yeah, so here's 1. Most of the boards have already seen it, but anyone using maybe has not.

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hello everyone... writing to update everyone on whats going on with us at the moment. we have FINISHED! tracking our new record and we are spending this week mixing/mastering and all that fun stuff. its hard to believe we've been recording for 5 weeks already. everything went really smooth and we are very confident in the fact that this is some of the best material we've ever created. can't wait for all of you to hear it! we have LOTS of footage from the studio that will hopefully be part of a special edition dvd that will come with the new record... we will also be posting some studio videos in the next few months. our touring plans are starting to come together and we'll be putting up dates tomorrow, so be sure and keep checking back for that info. below is the album's title and tracklist. more updates as they happen! hope everyone had a good weekend.

-tommy w/ BTBAM

"The Great Misdirect"

1. Mirrors

2. Obfuscation

3. Disease, Injury, Madness

4. Fossil Genera - A Feed from Cloud Mountain

5. Desert of Song

6. Swim to the Moon


What I can add is among the albums that we know will be released in 2009, this is among a short-list that I personally consider potential Albums-of-the-Year candidates. Mind you, that I/we know will come out in 2009

And 2007's "Colors" is a classic. A genre defining record, and bridge-album for myself and many other fans into various areas of death-metal. So to expect big things would be, well, expected. At the same time, I do not expect them to top Colors. But something close-to, especially given they are in a highly creative period as songwriters, that something that isn't addictive, will end up being a disappointment.

It also adds to the list post-September releases: 3, Orphaned Land and potentially Oceansize, Transatlantic, Local Natives, Thurisaz, and The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

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