Saturday, August 8, 2009

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's news..

New album soon it appears...

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Friday, August 07, 2009

It begins.
As of today, Epic has given the green light to begin tracking the third margot album. Sessions will begin in a week or two. First up will be the recording of three songs, "earth to aliens: what do you want?", "Let's paint our teeth green", and "nobody knows the names of all those birds". There are some major changes afoot in the nuclear camp, but a record is beginning, and that's something to smile about. Wish us luck. We will update, in typical margot fashion, as things progress.

Margot and the nukes.

8/7/09 they just got the greenlight from the record label to start recording. Odds are still against it, but if their next lp doesn't make it out by the end of this year, it'll likely be early in 2010.

It's not a matter of material as they have a ton of new songs written (partially due to the fact Animal! took almost an extra year to come out, but partially due to how prolific of songwriters they are).

I truly believe they are a band who have their best work still ahead of them. I.e. a classic album is certainly a possibility for them. They have too many talented cooks in that band for it not to be. And in truth, Animal! might have been close had they used the best songs from Not Animal (or vice~versa).

-My aoty tracking list (aka "index," perhaps a new term to use in the future) is nearing 100, lol with some recent additions of Ramona Falls and Mute Math. Time allowing, it'll hopefully have some more extensive prattle soon. Although 1 factor may hurt that fortunately/unfortunately, hehe.

-Psych premiered tonight, Burn Notice ended last night. Monk as well. More soon on them hopefully too along with In Plain Sight, Warehouse 13 and Royal Pains. True Blood? if only I find a way to see it soon.

-I hopefully will catch new/recent indie movies both Whatever Works and Shrink this coming week.

and the events besides the big Psych premiere this weekend.

@Station 4

-"Exit Stage Right" and "Animus" the Rush and Dream Theater tribute concert is tomorrow night August 8th
-dredg for the 3rd time since November along with co-headliners RX Bandits and opener As Tall As Lions are Sunday August 9th.

the heat index may be much higher to my liking unfortunately, but I plan on bringing a towel among other things.

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