Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Movies: In the Loop, Shrink. Music: Swell Season, DLC, Wolfmother

Not certain on my agenda tomorrow, Thursday August 13th, but with a company picnic planned in what's supposed to be another sweltering heat-filled day, it may not go on as long as planned. Thus my afternoon may allow for some matinees.

-In the Loop and Shrink are 2 pictures that are showing at Landmark theaters in Minneapolis right now. However, they aren't at the same theater unfortunately. But the distance is not that bad between Uptown theater in Minneapolis and the Edina theater.

So, if the stars align tomorrow, I may find a way to catch both of these at matinee prices. Ironically, I may have a pass for District 9, which does not appeal to me much at all, lol. But depending on what happens, I may end up seeing it anyway.

And with my luck, both of them will be at Lagoon within a week or 2.

-The Swell Season (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) and their new album "Strict Joy" drops next month. Here is the cover art

They also posted a blog earlier about a live acoustic performance they did with NPR last week. You can stream their 7-song performance over there.

-Australian band Dead Letter Circus just posted another new song "Space on the Wall" I believe is the track, on their myspace; and it's the title/support of their upcoming tour. I'm not sure what I think of it or everything they've done since their debut ep. I want them to be a class or 2 above that group of alt-prog bands down under (The Butterfly Effect, Cog, Sleep Parade) and more in line with Karnivool. But I'm on the fence currently. A lot of that style ends up sounding a fair amount like Chevelle and just alternative hard rock, even if it has an odd time signature or something. And some of that has to do with their singer. The debut EP from 2007 I thought he sounded pretty good. But the single from last year "Next In Line" and the others since haven't grabbed me like their ep. Time should tell pretty soon. I do like the artwork for the single at least, for how much that is worth.

-Another more well-known rock band from down under, Wolfmother and their upcoming album, Cosmic Egg's info.


Brothers and sisters the time has come for the long-awaited return of Wolfmother. This October will mark the release of Wolfmother’s second opus, Cosmic Egg. You can get your first taste of the record with the new single, “New Moon Rising” which will be making its world-wide debut at radio and online on August 14th.

Starting this Friday, visit for details on pre-ordering the album in your part of the world. Cosmic Egg will be available in a number of formats including CD Album / 2LP Vinyl / CD Album + Vinyl combo / Limited Edition Box Set and more.

1. California Queen
2. New Moon Rising
3. White Feather
4. Sundial
5. In The Morning
6. 10,000 Feet
7. Cosmic Egg
8. Far Away
9. Pilgrim
10. In The Castle
11. Phoenix
12. Violence Of The Sun

Cosmic Egg available in Japan on October 8th
Cosmic Egg available in Australia, Germany, and New Zealand on October 9th
Cosmic Egg available in Europe on October 12th
Cosmic Egg available in USA on October 13th

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