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Andre Matos - Mentalize (2009)

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Andre Matos' new album "Mentalize": the tracklist
Here's the tracklist of "Mentalize", Andre Matos now album to be released in Japan on August, 26th 2009 (the release date for Europe is expected to be close to that one):

01. Leading On
02. I Will Return
03. When The Sun Cried Out
04. Mentalize
05. Back To You
06. Mirror Of Me
07. Someone Else
08. Violence
09. Myriad
10. Powerscream
11. Don't Despair*
12. 手をとりあって Teo Torriatte* [="Let us cling together"]
13. A Lapse In Time*
14. Forever Is Too Long*

* Bonus tracks for the Japanese version

comments: it's a small consolation given the loss of not seeing him and his band live. The covers intrigue me, namely the Queen. His Journey cover of "Separate Ways" I actually really liked. I'm also happy that it's coming out so soon, nearly 1-month from now. However, given it's a Japanese edition, when this thing leaks could be long after 8/26 unfortunately. Imports don't make their way into promos much. But perhaps this will be an exception.


sosol said...

Yes, elsewhere it's supposed to be released on the second half of September. I don't know in other places, but in Brazil the only bonus track will be Don't Despair. So, obviously I'm guess most fans will want to buy the Japanese version, no matter how long it takes to obtain it or how much it costs :P

Here's what's been said in the brazilian press so far, regarding the album: "The new Andre Matos album has just been mastered in Germany. Mentalize, Matos's second work, was mixed and mastered at Gate Studio, in Wolfsburg, by Sascha Paeth and Miro Rodenberg.

The recordings happened during the months of May, June and July, both in Brazil and in Germany. The release in Brazil is scheduled for the second half of September, through the label Azul Music (that counts with Steve Vai and Yardbirds, among other rock artists). The CD - besides the 12 previously unreleased songs - will also come with a bonus-track in its brazilian version: the re-recording of Don't Despair, a famous but not officially released song. Afterwards, the album is going to be released in over 40 countries, and the tour will happen in 2009/2010.

Produced by Sascha Paeth and Andre Matos, with the co-production of Corciolli, Mentalize represents a natural sequence to the début album, Time to be Free. Its lyrics, more existentialist than ever, have human relationships and the strength of thought as themes, complemented by themes such as quantum physics, dreams and synchronicity. The graphic project, innovative and intriguing, is certainly an item that will attract people's attention."

Media Reviews said...

as the newest edit shows, it leaked.