Friday, August 28, 2009

5min micro-blog to be modified

Imogen Heap's playing on David Letterman tonight. The evening after Mute Math. Credit Dave and his producers for getting good musical guests this week.

Pain of Salvation's new album: some news about I'll try and post later.

Dean Magraw benefit is on Sunday. More to tba about that as well.

The TV previews blog is coming along as well. It might be up this weekend..or some of it will.

An interview with Gavin Hayes I mean to post as well. Rather insightful and informative about his lyrics, specifically.

I just won a copy of Moving Violations on DVD. After 2 other failed attempts (3 actually). And I paid less than the others..haha! Classic, underated comedy from the 80's should be sweet to see again.

More to add soon, but I'm off to catch Sister-of-Sahara Becky out in Eagan.

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