Monday, August 24, 2009


Progressive Nation a fun time. I think it's more of a social thing than anything else. All the promotion I did was worth doing, even without Pain of Salvation. I particularly enjoyed Zappa Plays Zappa, frankly, for 1 hour, it was a perfect length (compared to the 2 1/2 hour show that I caught a few years ago).

Ramona Falls IS COMING!..playing the crappy 7th Street Entry on September 9th, same day those Beatles remasters are released. 2 days before ProgPowerUSA, 2 days after Minnesota Metal Fest which by the way, includes Atheist and November's Doom whose vocalist also is the singer in a band/project I'm really into in progressive folk-y death rock band Subterranean Masquerade. Now I desire to go. I ran into Nathan aka "The Sword Lord" this afternoon at Renaissance Festival.

Which likely will be my 1 and only trip out there this season, save for timing and my friend receiving more complementary tickets. I purchased a bunch of cool things, which may or may not find worthwhile in the long run.

-a Flask with a clip. Likely more portably than the mugs out there. As long as it doesn't leak.
-a small purple bottle of what seems like hard-to-remove glitter/fairy dust. The girl was cute selling it though. I caved.
-a small reddish/pink bottle of "Renaissance Passion" scented liquid. Some kind of aphrodisiac? no idea, but it does smell good. Ideally, to be enjoyed with (on) a female, but for now, all it'll be is some kind of little perfume bottle. It did include a naked (female) angel trinket at least dangling on the string.

Muse may have finally leaked.

edit: negative. These clowns who put up these fake leaks are really a waste of bandwidth. Haha, you're hilarious. And for that matter, the people who keep passing them along. I suppose from experience to CHECK STUFF 1ST before being sure. But how long has this garbage been going on? like 10 bloody fucking days already. Ya'll are pathetic and need to stop. Will it? I doubt it, but it's only for bands as big as Muse I suppose. It's really getting old, really fast. You can go back to living in your parents basements already, okay?

Midlake it appears will be releasing "The Courage of Others" their 3rd album now likely in February 2010.


When can we expect the new album to be released?

Unfortunately with release schedules and such, it's looking like February 2010. If I'm not mistaken, (if we are indeed an anticipated album for next year) this will be the third year in a row that we're one of the most anticipated albums for Under the Radar. Shall we celebrate with a cover?!

I like how they jokingly mention 3-years-in-a-row lol.

TV reviewed some of the upcoming fall schedule tonight. Good enough prep for my upcoming previews I think. What I can say is much is gone, some potentially good new shows, namely V and Eastwick which sadly, aren't original story ideas. But the Monday clusterfuck is gone, Tuesdays has almost nothing, Wednesday and Thursday look lite, and Friday is much busier. The cable shows factor and schedule not entirely known save for Monk which in it's final season, will air through the Fall.

But the previews, hopefully will be up by Mid September if not sooner, especially given the Summer season now winding down. Royal Pains I think is the only show that's on from earlier in the Summer, and it's season finale is this coming Thursday. Being Human on BBC America I need to revisit having only caught the pilot episode which was ok.

I never caught Shrink nor The Time Traveler's Wife. In due time. Still looking forward to Where the Wild Things Are of course, but additionally, Extract the new Mike Judge picture with Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis, and Couples Retreat. And most recently added the Taking Woodstock among a few others. The Terry Gilliam picture with Heath Ledger and movies from Gilmore Girls stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel.

Then again, I've been meaning to try and rent the following:
-Galaxy Quest
-Logan's Run

among some others.

well, more to be added to..hopefully my albums list will have new discs from Muse, Thrice, and BLK JKS on it within a few days. Leaks, Release Dates, and announcements of records that won't be out until 2010 are coming-in like they need to, slowly but surely.

also next weekend is the Dean Magraw benefit concert which begins I guess at 1:30PM next Sunday, September 30th. A long marathon of a show, but frankly, Dean is MORE THAN WORTH IT.

Also, the podcasting hopefully is 1-more step closer to happening as I bought, but have not installed ProTools and a new external soundcard. The price? I hope was worth it. A new Terabyte HD also is nice to finally have, and saving at least $70 on it too.

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