Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dream Theater finally play Space Dye-Vest live

First off, I want to pass along This Entry from a couple of years ago about when James and Jordan played it, and my reaction to that.

This? I actually like this a little more. But of course playing it with, or hearing Kevin Moore do it would likely mean a ton more to many including myself..

James singing the outro kind of in his own interpretation? while it is not loyal to the studio recording, I am okay with. I'd love to hear him sing it live like the studio version, but I can respect him at least trying to update or put a *live* stamp on it in some ways.

The JP guitar solo? I kind of feel the same about, but I guess I would have gone for the dreamy floating synths still, like on the studio version, as it's my favorite part of the song.

All in all, nearly 20 years later, it's fine to do it. Respecting Kevin Moore, blah blah, I wonder

a) if Kevin Moore will even find out about this, even if they play it on every show this tour and release it on a live cd/dvd

b) even if he does, why he would care if they ever played it live, especially after now 20 years?

c) and caring what he thinks, when he has done mostly everything to distance himself from Dream Theater anyway

.But that all being said, if he were to be asked about this (which whoever did, an interviewer or fan, would have to have some cojones to do so), it would be interesting to hear his thoughts, if he has any. But I'll reiterate, I would still go for having HIM PLAY IT, even just once, with or without Dream Theater instead in a heartbeat.

That all being said, nice to see. I look forward to it in April. I guess they played Scarred as well which is nice.

Now, if they only would consider playing "Don't Look Past Me." Someone ought to ask this question in a Q&A to JP and the others at some point. It's the 1 significant song they have yet to play live. Maybe, just maybe it'll happen if it's asked of them as the guys are into pulling out things for the fans live and the obscure track once in a blue moon ("Raise the Knife" for example a few years ago, which ended up on Score).