Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Painted In Exile News

This update video kind of explains where they are at and why they have been so quiet the last couple of years with news.

1). Their vocalist left, which could be an enormous blow. But the jury is still out on what their music will sound like with a different singer, and even this upcoming single with "guest vocalists."

2) They have members that live in different parts of the East Coast it appears, which explains how stagnant or slow their progress has been to even just write new music.

3) This new single is coming, I thought they said this Spring, so at the very least, that is something to anticipate.

4) sound-wise, it seems they may have changed/change. Beyond even losing their singer. I guess as long as they avoid some of the recent Metal cliches of Djent and Deathcore, or even the standard Math or Post Metal elements, and include more than enough of the jazzy and technical stuff (prog), the other stuff including any Rap, I very likely could enjoy still.

That all being said, I am kind of less enthusiastic about them given the amount of time and now with the lineup changes. I suppose they could totally win me over again like they did when first hearing them in 2009 or 2010 with the Revitalized EP. But I was just thinking how their debut album should have come out by now, or really a couple of years ago. And the fact it didn't even get fully recorded (or even written?), just makes me skeptical that Painted In Exile's opportunity to make a big splash may have came and now be gone.

But, without anything to listen to still, the jury is still out. I just am not expecting amazing things from them after all that's happened. But I certainly want to pay attention when they do put out new music, including this new single.

But hopefully they do find a singer and bassist soon, and even find the means to limit if cut out the long distance collaborating if possible. Although it reminds me of some bands like Fates Warning or even Dream Theater to a small degree with James living in Canada (Subterranean Masquerade also comes to mind, Blackfield as well, although given their distance, that may contributed to where they ended up ultimately).