Monday, January 24, 2011

Jordan Rudess and James LaBrie "Space Dye Vest" (live)

A lot of fans, especially of the Kevin Moore albums with DT, and Kevin in general (and Awake) have been wanting to hear this song played live for ages.

However, my reaction to this where are the Samples? Floating Synths during the climax? sure it's Jordan's interpretation, but I can't help but be pining to hear Gabriela Kulka's interpretation instead, which I just put on and again for the 1st time in many years and remember why I loved her version of this song maybe as much as the original.

GK sdv by AllMR2

I'm curious if Dream Theater will pull it out live as a band, and if Jordan will continue to play it that way. Namely without samples and synths, and adding a little bit of his own jazzy phrasing. Honestly, I almost saw him as Rick Wakeman playing it like that. And while that's his thing, the song itself doesn't seem to call for that. Whereas in Gabriela Kulka's version there, she totally captured the passion, emotion and feel about what the song is about, at least to me. Those sad harmonies, the subtle feel and pace of the piano parts, and the overall dreaminess is on hers. On this new live version with James, I'm not really sensing it.