Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 (not the Anticipation List/Schedule yet, sorry!)

I have many thoughts at the moment for 2014, and have had many recently that I am not even recalling this second. But I guess I'll write a few things for now, and if/when I have the time and manage to remember more, I'll add more here or more likely another entry.

1) I will try and post an anticipation list soon. Mostly, but likely not 100% of what I have up on my page. When? could be soon, may not be until February or March..or not at all. It's of course a time thing. But I do mean to, so it'll probably bug the fuck out of me to force me to anyway early on this year.

2) I need a new notebook/laptop computer. One that is a lot more portable (lighter/smaller). My budget, well, the cost won't be nothing, but, I look at in terms of entertainment dollars and priorities (or addiction, sadly). If I end up traveling to Arizona in less than 1 month, I mean to have it by then anyway. But that is still unclear.

2b) along with a new Laptop, I could use a new desktop probably, but that's not as significant. I have been giving it a lot of thought, and I mean to try my hand at Youtube this year. With that, I require a camera, which I should do more research, but I could purchase one for a reasonable price, and that may not be long after acquiring the new laptop. But the reason WHY? being, I'm curious..maybe too curious about what it may lead to. Will the anonymity by gone? much of it yes. Will it be an experiment that may not last? it may. Comments? eh, I'm leaning towards no, like this blog. But that may be best decided with trial and error as well.

I figure, there's a whole potential audience per Youtube that could find what I do on there and here. And vice versa. It likely would be like the podcasts I've tried I suppose.'

Could it compromise the writing/posting in here? I would not mean it to, as I have no idea how good or gawd awful the videos I may try and make may be. The stuff in here, whether some think it's complete rubbish, it can't be argued it does find its way towards some people, even months or years later. That is a big reason I do continue doing this. '

But, I also suspect I may just have more ability to post entertaining/appealing things in writing, rather than in electronic forms like radio/podcasts and in this case, Youtube.

But it's an attempt, an experiment, that may or may not last. But I'm a little too curious to not want to try.
Now WHEN exactly, again, that is the billion dollar question. Maybe in February or March, maybe not until the Summer or the Fall.

3) The upcoming Favorite albums thing, even as late as it is, I am going to try and start. I guess I'll intro more of what I mean to say about it in the 1st entry, but I have 1000 things to add about it, and 100 different directions I may take it. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's bugging me anyway.

4) I may post something tomorrow, but the KFAI thing is happening tomorrow night with the gf. I have isolated like 15 or 20 discs to potentially play that are "modern rock" that 89.3/RadioK don't play and I have not played on the air before. Is it going to be a Best of 2013? doubt it. Will it be a 2014 preview? unlikely. Just music that I enjoy that is worth sharing and FCC compliant. Tomorrow Midnight-2AM.

there was a 5th item, and I just lost it. Maybe an edit later, or maybe something else soon. But I mean to try my hand finally at said massive list, so that's all I got for now...