Saturday, January 11, 2014

Benefit for Josh Rundquist also known as That Drummer Guy

1/11/14 6:16PM

well it's tonight at POV's in Spring Lake Park. Sorry for the last of updates, but Josh has not found out what his diagnosis is after all this time and many more stays at hospitals. He is doing a little better recently, but unfortunately, it's still where he needs.

But the benefit should be fun tonight, although I'm not sure how late I may stay. But it should be good to see Josh and his gf Lynn and meet a lot of his friends in the process.

11/9/13 10:56AM

Josh thankfully is out of the Hospital (his body became addicted to a drug they were giving him), however his recovery is going to take a little while as he has been posting on Facebook about that. But here's the thing he posted earlier this week. It's too bad he won't be able to play with his band Beauty of Decay when they open for Morbid Angel on November 18th, but health takes priorities in these cases. I'm sure he and his band(s) will get more opportunities down the road.

Alright guys a super long, Novel post here, but I wanted to make this post so everyone knows whats happened to me in the last two months instead of hearing it secondhand or just trying to piece it together: 

2 months ago I was diagnosed with Gastritis/Type II Diabetes after being in the hospital for 11 days, that was my first visit to the Hospital. Some of the worst pains I ever felt were felt during this time. 

I also lost my job at Walmart....yes, I worked at Walmart in the Electronics, over this. I was told I was a liability for going to the ER for pain and they did not want to hire me on full time because of it and let me go. 

About a month later I had to go back to the ER and 2 days later they got rid of my gallbladder. I woke up after the surgery was immediately over to the worst pain of my life, this is where I started getting doses of Dilaudid and Morphine to ease the pain. 

About a week later I was discharged but I didn't feel any better I felt just as shitty. 

a week after that, again I had to go back to the ER because I couldn't take it anymore. This is where they found a staff infection in my blood that took another week to get rid of. But alas again did nothing for my stomach pain, but I was discharged once again once the infection was nearly gone. 

I was discharged that late evening and 9 hours later I was back in the hospital with some of the worst pain I ever felt. 

Then for the next 4 days I was given only Tylenol to ease my pain. I was told pain medications like Dilaudid (or however it is spelled) and Morphine would only make my stomach pain worse. It wasn't until this past Saturday they doctors finally figured out what was going on....they got me addicted to grade Heroin! 

When I had my gallbladder taken out they doped me up so much I became addicted and then left me cold turkey ever since then. My body couldn't take it and I was in misery for weeks. from the ER visit to Saturday Night I was on 4 hours sleep, MAYBE, no food, barely any water, constantly throwing up, shivering and wanting to die. It wasn't until I got on Methadone that I finally started getting relief and I then slept for the better part of 36 hours. 

Today is the first day since entering the hospital the first time that I actually feel like I can get back to normal. It's still going to take roughly a month for me to be fully back on track but it will be worth it. 

The sad part is that I had to sadly step down from opening for Morbid Angel on the 18th, but I did get one hell of a fill in to take my place... Mr. Duane Timlin (Anal Blast, Divine Empire, Dying Fetus, Invidiosus). So he has my total blessing. 

I totally had nothing to do with this, but just in case any of you are generous enough, my guitarist's girlfriend made a fundraiser page for me to help with medical bills and to get my life back on track, if you feel like donating the link is here:

Hopefully, this is my last time being in the hospital for a long, Long, LONG time. Now I hope after this I can post happy stuff again and no more hospital related stuff! 

As many of you may know, Josh Rundquist has been laid up in the hospital for a while now. A benefit show is currently in the works, but we wanted to give everyone near and far a chance to help with donations. We all know how fast hospital bills can add up, any and all donations are helpful and greatly appreciated!

In addition to donations, If you want to sign a get well card for Josh, go to guitar center in Roseville and ask for will. Other well wishing, support and love via Facebook also mean a lot to the guy. 

Anyone who doesn't know Josh, he is a huge supporter of metal. All genres, new and old and is a local celebrity of sorts to us. Born in Clear Lake, Wisconsin, Josh has been playing drums for the last 14 years playing everything from Country Covers to Original Metal. Josh still is active in the Rock and Metal world playing drums. He now hosts That Drummer Guy Presents - The Best in Independent Heavy Metal and Hard Rock A 2 hour show featuring the best Metal and Rock you need to know about, airing on a station near you!

Also here's the link to the Facebook Event tentatively setup for January 11th. Venue and Time? still hasn't been confirmed as far as I know.

we are in the planning stage of setting up a benefit for That Drummer Guy aka Josh Rundquist 

If you want to sign the get well card for josh go to guitar center in roseville and ask for will.

date and time are up in air still, as is venue. i just listed saint paul as a default location for now.

More details to come:

Bands confirmed so far:

We Are Legion
Ghost Hook
Bloodgeon Mn

10/26/13 1:45PM

This may be premature, as this was posted on Facebook recently, and it's just been in speculation thus far.
BUT, Josh aka That Drummer Guy, a co-underground music promoter, radio show host (That Drummer Guy Presents), music/metalonline news source and list maker extraordinare.

Josh's Youtube Channel
That Drummer Guy's Page on Facebook
That Drummer Guy 1 on Twitter

And also someone who has done 50 or more interviews at Rock and Metal concerts in the Twin Cities area over the last couple of years. A handful of which have even found linked on Blabbermouth (aka for better or worse, probably the biggest Heavy Metal News/Gossip site).

Well Josh unfortunately, has fallen under some difficult medical condition(s) over the last 2 months. In and out of the Hospital now 3 times. I've tried to keep up with his situation as much as possible via Facebook and his girlfriend Lynn. It seems the doctors keep on finding different issues with him. Stomach issues (he had surgery for his gallbladder).

Josh was diagnosed a number of years ago with Diabetes (Childhood?), at a rather young age for that. He's just 25 now anyway, so that is 1 reason why these medical issues coming up is surprising. I worry that he may have something worse than just the Diabetes because he has handled having that I think about ever since I've known him, which I think I 1st interacted with him around 2006.

Anyway, some of his friends may be trying to setup a Benefit of some kind for him in the near future, as with any medical issues, the cost, even with good Health insurance coverage. can still add up.

I guess when I know more about this, I'll add more about the details. But in the mean time, I and many others should have Josh in their thoughts. He's a great guy, and terrificly versed networking in music circles and Metal specifically. He also is a drummer (hence his online handle) and has a new band called Planet Smasher in fact. And of course a gigantic music and Metal fan, that many want to see continue doing what he does so well.