Friday, January 3, 2014

Citypages Top Twitterers: My Profile


Ky Gil, age 37, works in Medical Claims.

Representative tweet: went to last night for possibly the final time.I could have done w/out the hipsters not listening/watching the show however.

Describe your account: A feed for my blog, and some things I don't manage to include in my blog, which  is largely based on news and opinions about underground and lesser known music, namely progressive rock.

One good thing about Twitter: Interacting and connecting news from the direct source (music, being the artist themselves).

Explain Twitter in one sentence: At its best, an immediate news and gossip source.

Do your friends use Twitter? yes, although most of them use Facebook and do not use Twitter at this point, if that says anything.

One bad thing about Twitter: Like most social media, the focus seems to be all too often about *Who* is first to post news or a rumor, not WHAT is in said post. Also, I still feel the word "Tweet" sucks, and should be done away with. Call it a "Twitter Post" and leave it at that, please. Also an "edit" function would help a fair amount, which I'd predict will happen sooner than later (see Facebook).

Anything Else?  "How many followers" I have is not what I focus on, but more if I am able to help support and spread the word about things I care about (interesting, often underground music) to others, even if it's only just a handful of people, and even if it is 2 or 3 years after it's been posted. I don't follow crowds, or typically succumb to what is "hip" unlike the impression I get from so many people on Twitter and what is littered throughout Social Media (or in the case of Minnesota, among certain Music Media/Media outlets).

I know there is an audience for what I enjoy and talk about, and I know most if not all the media outlets will not give the recognition it deserves, if they ever give it any recognition at all.

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