Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Significant Albums: Klimt 1918 - Dopoguerra (2005)

Okay, this is it. First off, I want to say a few things.

Lists: Everyone seems to make them. I do make them, but in some ways as a necessarily evil. Truth be, I HATE making them, I also HATE trying to write reviews. Why is that? because I'm not a genius. I can't pull a rabbit out of my ass with some beyond common knowledge and vernacular. I am no National Merit Scholar anyway.

And frankly, loads of reviews, blurbs, even from the highly praised, I think are often nauseating to read.
And to be honest, lists in some ways as well. I guess it often does come down to subjective element of the content. But making long, year-end Album and Movie lists, while always fun to read, has become a little cliche among the masses, online and other sources.

So, I guess then the question is raised, how am I not any more cliche or repulsive by doing this? valid question, but I guess since I really have never given it a proper attempt, and I can, because I am not meaning to flood all sorts of places with it (maybe 1 or 2 forums I suppose, 1 being for the dreamtheaterforums.org anyway).

What will this list, or series of entries be like? kind of random in some ways. I may include 4 or 7 albums in 1, others only 1. They may be very short (actually a good chance that'll happen); but they also may be more extensive than I would mean to for an outside reader anyway.

How many? well, for the dtf, it's supposed to be 50. But, that is just not even close to enough, so the series may go a lot longer, like 100-300 or more depending on how I feel and of course time.

When will they be done? the 50 for that forum hopefully will be done in a few months if not less, but I may do this all year or more.

Isn't this just like the "AllMediaReviews Essentials" series, just with the albums, not artists that never got too far? yes and yes. And the fact I have a gf now, well, again, the time factor will dictate. But the 50 for the dtf will happen for sure. I just may have to make time away from her, much to her not being too happy with that. I guess, again, that bridge will be faced when I get there.

That being said, I am writing these in a Random Generated Order per a website, ordering 1-168+. No ranking or alphabetical or anything (for now).


File:Klimt 1918 - Dopoguerra (2005).jpg

What can I remember about this record? I was introduced to it per Spectre1982's 2005 albums list on the dredg fans forum. He had a massive list, and I checked out a bunch of new names from it, and caught on. This was 1 of the most addictive albums from that list. In 2006, I probably listened to this album 50 or 60 times. The energy was so infectious. I loved their style of U2 meets Heavy/Post rock, I suppose I might call it now. Some of the songs were very catchy. Namely "We Were Wed By the Sea." The pounding riff on that track I got attached to. So much so, I may even play it on KFAI tomorrow or another time.

But the whole record flows really well. I often found I had to play it beginning to end. The double bass in spots, dreamy element. I really would love to go back to the Winter and Spring of 2006 again..especially like January and February and put this on on my drive to work and while at work. Nostalgia, which is a word they used in the lyrics more than once I recall.

A romantic album. An uplifting album. An album that has the Italian element in small ways. Their singer does have an accent in his vocals, but it in some ways makes him sound more distinct.

I'm not surprised the dredg fans like this band. Some like their follow up more, Just In Case We Never Meet Again (Soundtrack for the Cassette Generation). I actually grew to love their previous albums more so. Even when they were heavier and used a bit of blackened Metal in their sound. 2014, could see their return as well thankfully, as they are posting on Facebook a lot over the last few months.

I also would say, bands like Alcest and Katatonia, while have had larger success, even with their differences, would find crossover for this band. Klimt 1918 aren't Metal anymore, but the "gaze" and melancholic element they share with those other 2, as well as a band like Anathema even.

"Snow of '85" is like the definition of nostalgia in song.
Sleepwalk in Rome

fuck, I can't really say anything on here is bad. I even love the 2nd CD that includes some very soothing remixes.

Klimt 1918, oh how I have missed you. And this album remains my go-to disc still some 7+ years after hearing it.