Thursday, January 16, 2014

Daniel Johns 2014: Solo Record and more

1/16/14 10:44PM

Here's the track "Impossible (Ft Daniel Johns)" from Hip-Hop artist 360.

I'm a bit torn; on 1 hand, the dubstep can be at times rather repulsive, and even some of the rapping. But overall, the piece kind of works, namely the parts with Daniel and the layering. It kind of reminds me of "Queen (ft. Erykah Badu)" by Janelle Monae. Combining hip-hop with rock and other instrumentation can work, if you get talented people doing it.

Am I excited to hear more from 360 and this, especially compared to his solo record and The Dissociatives? of course not. But just on 1st impression, this isn't too bad.

11/20/13 5:40PM
Thanks to a user on the Incubus Fans forum, a couple of stories were shared and it provides some more about how 2014 looks to be a pretty big year for Daniel Johns.

News source/story

“Daniel’s making a solo record, it’s looking extremely likely that it’ll be out next year.”

2nd story, which includes a lot about Lorde, lol

The debut solo outing for the rock frontman was first flagged back in 2011 around the time the group decided to call it quits. It was suggested at the time by a number of sources close to the band that Daniel Johns may release a solo album using material that was intended for the next Silverchair album, which the three-piece had been working on before the group fell apart.

“Johns was doing nearly all of the recording with bassist Chris Joannou and drummer Ben Gillies only present in the studio when called upon by Johns to lay down tracks,” a source told The Daily SPA at the time. “With the material, dictated almost wholly by Johns, moving in a new direction—reportedly both more thematic and stripped back in parts—at one point there were enough tracks to release a double album, an idea that was being considered by the Silvechair parties.”

So for 2014 is appears Daniel Johns will potentially be:

1) Releasing his 1st? solo record
2) The Dissociatives comeback single/ep (or LP? even)
3) Appearing on Kimbra's new record along many other guests
4) Appearing on 360's new album

But it sounds like Silverchair getting together is still unlikely next year or anytime soon.

His career/Silverchair is starting to remind me of Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree a bit.