Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vikings; I have to weigh in soon. I love Brett Favre, I Hate Brett Favre

I had about a dozen bullet points to spout off about them in here. Do i think they will win on Sunday? no. But I have a lot to explain why..partially but hardly only due to my Purple-blood-choke paranoia.

I love the radio fodder.

Oh and I will look up some statistics about Favre on the road in domes. The Vikings vs St.Louis in '99. GB vs St.Louis in '01.

'09 Saints = '99/'01 Rams

Favre compared to Elway statistically at Elway's later period where he won back-2-back sb's.

The Who Dat Aint's are very much like the '99 and '01 Rams. I know Chillie ain't Denny, and Ap is better than Smith and Ahman Green? when GB went there.

I just could easily see them lose..and have the Saints score like 45 pts. It may be a coaching thing.

That's why I watch those games with a dvr. when until the Vikings are on offense. Rewind if I see a big play..but not having to deal with the longwinded tension. Sohhh much easier..and expect them to get embarrassed. Fail/nerve-proof. hehe.

if they lose on Sunday, Chillie becomes Denny 2.0. If they win..well..this is a bit different.

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