Saturday, January 23, 2010

Warpaint - Videos for Beetles Stars and on...CSI

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Beetles Video

love the dreamy/trippy slow section during the bridge. the director captured the mood really well with that part.

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Check this out: last night (Thursday 1/14/10) Stars was used in a segment of CSI, a show honestly I don't like (any of the many versions) despite a good cast. It's a bit too gorey and lacks personality or humor?

Buhhhht, like Chuck who recently used Imogen Heap and last year Local Natives (wayyy before anyone knew who Local Natives were), the creators have used some good music occasionally. Once or maybe twice Ours music was used in their show, and then this week's episode used part of Stars by Warpaint.

CSI Too bad their show is heartless, humorless, and gross, because they do use some good music every so often.

original 10/23/09 5:45AM

gawd I <3 this band.

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