Sunday, January 17, 2010

The House That Dripped Blood (1971)

doing a bit of dvr-clearing this weekend, and I finally got around to watching this (tv aired, I have no idea if some of it was edited).

Being a fan of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Ingrid Pitt, and Denholm Elliott who I know mainly as "Coleman" from Trading Places, and Marcus in the Indiana Jones pictures, this seemed to be right up my alley. Also the fact I have a fondness and nostalgia for the 60's and 70's british horror pictures (namely Hammer, but apparently this was not with their studio surprisingly).

The anthologies that revolved around the house certainly were effective, although I guess the house itself didn't actually come across as highly creepy, especially compared to something like in The Shining or Salem's Lot.

But some of the way the short-stories were told, and slightly unexpected twists, I really found worked quite well. The acting of course was not disappointing, but with those names i knew going-in, doing horror, I wouldn't expect anything less.

And of course myself having a huge lust and weakness for the female vampire, Ingrid Pitt being one of the most alluring, the ending of this movie hit the spot pretty damn well.

I must add there was 1 or 2 classic, humorous moments. 1 at the point Christopher Lee does the classic sillyness. I recall it was when he approached his daughter about the missing candlesticks. Another part when he claims he was glad when his wife died. And I suppose the part when he throws the doll in the fire. While part of me sided with her and the tudor, it seemed so absurd and reactionary, I couldn't help but laugh and love another classic moment from him.

One other was John Pertwee aka Dr.Who while on the set bossing everyone around. Almost like Orson Welles in the "Me and Orson Welles" movie I just saw. And now remembering, when he goes to purchase the cloak, the man who sells it to him has a scary yet funny look on his face when Pertwee says he needs an authentic black cloak that a vampire might wear..hehe. The actor, Geoffrey Bayldon, I'm not familiar with, but he does have a long list of credits.

Apparently there was a 2nd one made, but I suspect it wasn't as good as sequels don't tend to be.

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