Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Balls and Clueless = NBC Leno hijacks Conan's timeslot

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The buffoons who run NBC, who even gave Leno another show, prety much showed again why they are in 3rd place, and will stay in 3rd place for the unforesee-able future.

I hope Conan is dropped and picked up by ABC. What imbeciles. Ratings, schmatings, Leno isn't funny really anymore (if he ever was), and his show sucks. If they actually got their heads out of their asses, they'd start airing some of the USA shows at 9pm, drop Leno, and keep Conan where he is. Maybe just change a thing or 2 about his show..i.e. make it more like it was on Late Night.

Then again, I hardly care or watch either, but still hold a vastly higher amount of respect for Conan, even if "In the year 2000/3000" and the Triumph bits aren't what they used to be.

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