Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Local Natives >>>>>>>>>> Vampire Weekend

This band is really not much at all like Local Natives/Cavil at Rest as
the absurd repeated comparisons, that continue to be made when people hear
Gorilla Manor. This album is at best at the same level of their mediocre debut album
from 2008. Although I suppose compare them to the abomination that is
the indie tripe Filthfork and the blogosphere continues to torture
us with (Vomit Collective, Faggot Bear, The eXcruciatinglyannoying/poor-man'smarketairgolva-X, PassionShit, Fleet Kittens and even Yawner Projectors).
these guys are a little more favorable I guess.

"Taxi Cab," "Run," and "Cousins," were the songs that included some desire to listen again. But the rest of this album is a one-trick pony, Paul Simon-wannabes. There's one track their singer sounds disgustingly similar to that gawd awful vocalist
from the Flaming Shits, Wayne Coyne. Much of this record is obnoxious
indie that some people describe in the Shitfork lexicon.

But the very idea people are comparing Local Natives/Cavil at Rest to
this band is ridiculous and an absolute insult; It's as inaccurate and unfair a description as any. That's like saying Dream Theater sounds like Tool. Wow, they use
some industrial textures and rhythms that Tool has used before, they're
obviously ripping them off, lol. And the tribal percussion is about the only
*vague* similarity between these guys, which Local Natives/Cavil at Rest use that element far more effectively.

-This band are annoying

-They can't sing (something Local Natives/Cavil at Rest
are exceptional at)

-they can't write vocal harmonies (ditto)

-and the tone of their singer's voice isn't all that pleasant.
He pretty much sounds the same on most if not the entire album, and that tone can be ingratiating to stomach, much like Wayne Coyne, Thom Yorke, Anthony Green,
or any number of other singers.

If their music was better, he and the band might be able to get away with it
but it's not, so it only makes what is someone trying to sing who can't,
stick out even more.

The people making that comparison need to make an appointment with an
audiologist or just shut the fuck up.

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