Friday, January 29, 2010

Crash Karma - Crash Karma (2010)


This is a new "supergroup" of sorts of Canadian alternative (even proggy in some ways) bands.

Edwin - Singer from I Mother Earth, Edwin, Victor (Alex Lifeson of Rush solo record)
Jeff Burrows - drummer from The Tea Party
Amir Epstein bass player from the Canadian band Zygote
Mike Turner - ex-guitarist from Our Lady Peace.

This is their 1st single called "Awake" which was released last November

Their self-titled debut album drops on March 16th. Still looking for artwork and a tracklist.

I'd be lying if it I didn't think it sounded a bit like 2nd rate I.M.E. but like Edwin's solo stuff, I will give this a go. Although it does seem a lot of these so-called "supergroups" or just sideprojects never seem to blow me away or be as good as the previous bands the members were in (or currently are in).

And while they're at it, where is the obligatory member of the other underated but still somewhat known Canadian alt-grunge-prog band, The Big Wreck?

Crash Karma even opened for the Stone Temple Pilots I guess.

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