Monday, January 11, 2010


hopefully not for too much longer.

Blech, I could mention about 58 things, but of course no time right now.

Lehto & Wright Saturday night show review. Show was awesome. I got their new disc "Children's Songs" (removing the apostraphe on the word Songs) along with 2 of their oldest ones. The debut record "Ye Mariners All" maybe one of if not the last available copy.

I suppose I'll review the show more at The Celtic Junction and the new record soon. But I do already really like what I have heard. 4 tracks, the last 2 are 32 and 18 1/2 minutes. proggy, but not trying to be so much.

It easily could be local album of the year and the best progressive rock record of 2010. Easily.

So much tv..jeezus. Chuck premiered last night. I haven't watched it yet. And it's on again tonight along with Fringe for some reason. Monday cluster-fuck. Fringe may not air on Monday again though.

New show Human Target on FOX..premieres against the Golden Globes. Idiots at FOX. And then "The Deep End" premieres next week on ABC. Tina Majorino of Veronica Mars/Napoleon Dynamite is in it among others. More on that soon hopefully. I just discovered, ironically the very week I create a Literature List on

It's more or less a rym for books. I have been reading more of late..Dunn Bro's may be my "Cheers" I dunno. I wonder if meeting a woman there might be a more reasonable outlet. Although I won't deny, there are many women crossing my path even after the Annie D debacle of last week.

Wow, I need to end this. I gotta a laundry list of other items, not to mention those lists still coming soon. Movies, TV for 2000-2010. And Music for 2000-2009. I am working everyday on them at work at least. And with Friday off, and especially in a few weeks having a full week off, barring some problem with my pc, I'll be making some dents if not publishing most if not all of them.

and of course, the shair-ed-shohs as they may be referred to..hehe.

oh and it's nice to see those Cheeseheads shutup. Babyfood Gerbshit shall be eating some crow soon if not tomorrow on Bumper-2-Bumper tomorrow. Erin Rodgers, lol. Will the Purple win next week?..Wade Phillips may be the only reason why.

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