Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Vague News: The River Empires+Gloomcatcher+Unnamed Project

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I've been trying to follow everything Jessy has been doing after the end of Falling Up a couple of years ago, and I noticed a game Bethel Woods, a new board game I think based on some of his recent writing, was released:

But the potentially BIG news, is that twitter question above confirming there are still *plans* for The River Empires, The Gloomcatcher and this unnamed new project to happen.

But, 7 years since Epilogue came out,..the time frames on all that stuff I suspect is still unclear.

This new project, may be the thing with the soonest arrival time given its new and thus likely something with current motivation.

Blah Blah's all just hope right now I guess. I do know Jessy has been busy doing other things other than music (writing, and likely the development with this new game), so that just makes sense to remain patient as possible. A bit like Matt Mahaffey and sElf, after hearing that podcast this week, it is totally understandable why there hasn't been all that much sElf music the last decade, because he's paying his bills doing other things outside of the band I/the fans love.

But that post above does at least bring some light to The River Empires and The Gloomcatcher not being 1-album wonders, etc.

I suppose if I knew some people to play it with (unlikely my wife), I might want to look into Bethel Woods at least. I should try reading up on it I guess.

And as far as the Unnamed band, I still can't help but hope somehow Casey Crescenzo could be involved, but despite his moving to the state of Washington which is geographically closer to Jessy (whose in Portland, Oregon) than in SoCal of course, per Casey's schedule and few times I've heard him talk about Jessy and TRE in questions/interviews, I don't know if he's in regular contact with Jessy. But I'd love to find out he was and just being quiet about it (or not asked recently enough, etc).


Jessy just followed up in a post from a minutes ago, Noon 3/15/17 . Like I posted above, I suspect he's referring to the new unnamed project.

I'm waiting to announce until the first single and artwork are ready so that it's special. Keep holding tight. You're all the best!