Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pop Music History Website (1958-2016, Billboard Top 5's)


I shared this the other day on Social Media and some forums, after seeing on the dreamtheaterforums.

It had myself and my wife kind of addicted for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon, until it unfortunately crashed her 2012 Macbook Pro (she's not a PC person, and I am, but regardless, 2012 sadly, kind of says it all at this point in that she needs a new Mac laptop).

Pick any year and it goes through week-by-week, month-by-month, etc showing the top 5 songs, playing #1, which I believe is from Billboard.

It starts at 1958 and goes all the way up through the end of 2016 I guess.

Seeing the mid and even late 90's on, it was reminder, like many of the WatchMojo lists for music, of how gawd awful Popular Music, and specifically the stuff that charted/people bought, the last 20 years or so.

Many of the songs from 2000's that literally spent months at #1, I had never heard, or even heard-of the artist, lol.

Even stuff like Coldplay or whatever, didn't unseat some of them.

But the counter to that is looking at the charts in the 80's or a lot of the late 60's and 70's, it's neat to see certain songs take down others, or not be able to for the #1 song. Beatles vs Monkees, Michael Jackson vs Madonna.

And the Bee Gees, good lord, between their own hits beyond Stayin Alive, they had something like 12 #1's. And then the solo members/Gibbs brothers had a number of them in the late 70's early 80's. And I guess also some of the #1's that were from others were actually written by some of the Bee Gees.

Talk about dominating the Charts.

Why when Watchmojo Did a Top 10 Billboard #1's for each decade, it was baffling none of their songs were in there. 1 comment said because the list was for "Rock" which the Bee Gees weren't, but stupid semantic arguments didn't really reflect their domination of the charts at all.

Now, and I posted to this site's twitter account, they should try and setup another 1 of these for ALBUMS charted, which I think may not be highly better, but still worth comparing to for the last 2 decades, and of course the "Album Era" per 1967-1975 especially.

But this site is not exclusively for music, it's like a graphing statistical display analysis site for any number of topics, so Music may not be a priority necessarily. But if they do do an ALBUMS one eventually, I'll try and pass it along of course.