Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Matt Mahaffey aka sElf on Recording Studio Rockstars Podcast (90+ mins)


I've made it through a little over an hour of this 1h 48 minute podcast (I've been interrupted/busy at work of course) and while some topics may not be brought up, like a lot of his own music/songs and even detailed History with sElf. And Apes and Androids/Call Florence Pow; there's still a ton of good insight and information about Matt's history and where he is now. His career for scoring Animated movies and television, and producing work.

Even just his way of producing/recording drums and drum production/sound etc.

Drummers, in other words, would probably enjoy hearing this, along with people who want to produce and engineer recording.

My comparison to Kevin Gilbert and where Kevin might be if he were alive, kind of is even more supported by Matt's career. Although I sense Matt's not really as much of a control freak or even a perfectionist, to the same degree Kevin was.

But the man is prolific and has found a way to make a good living out of doing it, the same thing Kevin was doing back in the 90's. And also the same thing Jason Nesmith (1 of Mike's sons) does. Even Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne (and Stewart Copeland has done as well), have done.

I do hope Matt does have the opportunity to compose/score music for a Live Action movie/(s) given how he said he wants to if for no other reason, it would be less time-consuming and easier per his difficulty/time demands to do them for Animated shows and film.

Anyway, I'll hopefully be able to finish it in the next day or 2, and maybe some insight into what his plans are in the near future outside of Scoring..sElf music or producing perhaps. Would love for him to work with someone like Kimbra or Fjokra. Kimbra oddly enough, I noticed on twitter follows Brian Jacobs (Majestyy) which who knows how she found him (me/my blog? I doubt it, but who knows), but it's very cool to notice that. Maybe Majestyy will do a Kimbra remix? or even work with her someday. She does now live in NYC anyway (Brian and Apes and Androids being from Brooklyn too).

Also I may have to check out more of this podcast now. The host sounds an awful lot like Alex Dandino to me (of The Dear Hunter Graphic Novels and Podcasts with Casey).