Wednesday, March 22, 2017

22 - You Are Creating: Limb 1 (2016-2017)

3/22/17 6:26AM

2nd single "INSPEC" which was released a few weeks ago on Spotify, Tidal, etc..not available for me.

Dig it, especially from about the 2:30 on.

The whole record is finally out on Friday. Also I don't recall if it is mentioned below, but this is the 1st of a 2-album series hence the named "Limb 1."

There is also an INSPEC official video coming supposedly, so I'll try and remember to bump this topic when it's posted.

2/22/17 9:30AM

the official video is finally up today, the 22nd of on the 2nd day of the year, haha.

Awesome song and cool video. Need to hear the album asap!


2/17/17 10:32AM
"You Are Creating" the title track is on SPOTIFY there.

I don't use Spotify at this point, so I haven't heard it yet. Hopefully it'll show up on their YouTube page soon as well.

2/3/17 12:05PM
bandcamp preorder 

New release date March 24th.

12/2/16 10:13AM

Coming out on February 22nd. Fucking FINALLY!!!!

It's been almost 7 long years since Flux.



8. NODE1

Preorder Link

A video posted by 22 (@22newenergymusic) on

10/14/14 1:05PM

Well here's a more detailed explanation about why Per left, and what went down. Including 1 of the comments from the band on FB, it seems You Are Creating will get re-recorded, at least the vocals. And the version with Per may not be released, at least at this time.

That seems fine and makes some sense going forward for the band. But I guess 1 or 2 questions come up still as a result.

1) If/when will the version with Per come out

2) if the version that the band are now going to make/finish/modify etc with Sturla is not as good as the Flux stuff namely, will there be a pining for the Per version of this record.

But I suppose certainly as a fan, I want to hear this of course, and to compare Sturla to Per may not be ultimately fair. It's a wait and see of course.

But in the short term, the timing of this record's release seems a bit down the road (likely in 2015 it seems), which I guess kind of sucks, but for the long term sake of the band, is understandable.

But I do hope the band decide to release the version with Per at some point, I mean considering it was recorded, mixed and mastered presumably.

◊ People ◊
It is time to make an official statement about the proprietor of the main vocal chords of 22. 
During the course of last year, it became apparent that Per Fox Trollvik did not have the time to prioritise singing with 22. He is an extremely talented man, and a very very close friend, and it has been a tough process, feeling him moving in another direction than the consensus of 22. 
So we had some profound talks, a couple of tears, some nagging, some laughs, some trueness, and we mutually decided that he would leave the band.
· And you won't believe what happened next !· (socialmediareferenceintended)
The juices started flowing again. And suddenly everything started moving. And it struck us, that it was much worse, feeling the creepy breath of stagnation and halt, than it was releasing this relationship, and let go of Per.
We have done so much, experienced so much, together with this man. We have played so many gigs, met so many people, slept in so many weird places, drunken so many weird drinks and sung so many weird notes together.
But what one has experienced must never stand in the way for what is to be experienced, 
and now the venture of taking the leap further, without Per, is 22's current move. And Per has a lot of stuff going on, and can finally focus on those things fully.
For those of you who have followed 22 since the early days, know that we've had the same syndrome with singers as Spinal Tap had with drummers -> they explode and disappear.
But fret not ! 
When one piece of the puzzle moves to it's rightful place, after the puzzler forcefully, and charged by expectation and nostalgy, trying to make it fit where it just did not, another puzzlepiece has just been waiting to get to that place, and perfectly interconnect with the rest of the puzzle pieces . Puzzled ? Me too.. I'm not sure if i said anything at all, or if the sentenced nulled itself out logically, which again would leave me with a clean opportunity to rephrase this uttering:
Within 2 weeks a new singer came along. He manifested out of thick BLUE air. And it just clicked.
It is so freaking exciting, and everything comes alive (including the hills.)
The MUSIC is once again the main focus, and we ARE creating.
There will be a new update ( aka MUSIC ) with regards to our new singer.
His name is Sturla Fagerli Larsen.
Thanks Per, you really shaped the band, and was 1/4 of a god danged thrilling epoch of the life of 22.
This next guy, he just picks up where you left, and adds his special ingredient... So now the three of us (original members) discover new sides of ourselves and each other, because we are co-creating with this new, intriguing and very talented person. We are learning to really know each other, and are playing day and night, to manifest what we are feeling is possible together.
We will be playing some live shows in november, just to get out there, and breathe and feel the new music and constellation with the audience. We are so tired of not being out playing live. Now we have the four pieces ((abort potential puzzle-rant. red.)) that are committed to doing so.
We had recorded a new album with Per, and will know spend Desember recording and creating with Sturla, and release the music ASAP. So, a lot of work. But work is play, so then no one becomes a dull boy.
22 transforms and adapts, so that we can continue on our weird ass journey, and play our music with all of you inclined to our harmonies and rhythms, (and those who don't know they are.. YET.)
We had to change, and that is what makes us present.
We faced a CHANGE-or-DIE moment as a band.
I'm glad we changed.
( attached is a picture of Per amidst synthesizers )

( Bye, Per. We love you. )

6/10/14 11:15PM
Story + Video of "Ectypes" the new song, which the article gives will presumably be on this upcoming record.

for the english reading folks, hopefully your browser's translator works okay.

Nice piece, even as stripped down and slow as it seems. Nice mood anyway.

Probably the other most significant thing mentioned in this article.

With the new album You Are Creating coming out in September, they want this time to reach out to more and expand your audience.

1/04/14 6:20PM
But for those who like them, but haven't been following them, they have posted regular videos on Facebook and twitter sometimes in the past year.

Per Google Chrome's Translation Function Norwegian to English

22 is one of the spearheads in trondheim rock, and after they released their debut album "Flux" in 2010, they spent two years touring Europe in Japan. In autumn 2011 the band wrote an exclusive tour diary for, and a few months later they won Adresseavisens music scholarship of 25 000. Now they started to record new album in ├śra Studio, and the plan is that Trondheim Calling concert will be the first opportunity to hear songs from nyplata "You Are Creating" live.

1/4/14 6:18PM

Not a substantial amount of directly announced information by the band or anything, but with a Facebook Photo and this article, it seem You Are Creating could be the title of this 2nd LP from the Norwegian-based Indie-Prog-Pop band.