Tuesday, March 7, 2017

of1000faces - Sleeping's for Dreamers ft JIMMY GNECCO [1B] (2017)

Good lord, this is dreeeeeeeammeee as all hell! Shit, this is the Jimmy Gnecco I know and love. It almost reminds me of Mew.

Jimmy Gnecco seems to guest appear on a bunch of artists records every year or 2, and almost always has excellent tracks. From Neverending White Lights, to the Spiderman 2 Soundtrack (with Brian May), to Weathervane, to the Transformers Rollout Video Game soundtrack last year.

This is another example of the brilliance of Jimmy and I suppose credit this band of1000faces who I've never heard, but now mean to. Whose Bandcamp Page has a couple other things, but seems like they are just getting going in a lot of ways.

I'll have to check them out on the Social Medias and see if this is just 1 part of something else coming soon.