Saturday, November 28, 2015 Upgrade (+commentary about their Moderation process)

I noticed within the last week, is upgrading to this new format (and name(s)?), which I suppose I follow why per as the write-up and the video on the Indiegogo pages explains, this has been in the works for the last 2 years.

What all will be included? I can only imagine, but I suppose things like more clear-cut details on releases. Possibly audio and video samples. Official videos for singles (or just a separate "Official Video" type of category).

Finally a Television Database?

And maybe another thing could be Multiple Cover Art options for the Primary Issue 

Which I guess I want to bring a couple of things:

-the whole moderated releases thing with cover art has always has and still does seem fucked up. Any user can add the title and track list to a new release, but the not the artwork without it having to be reviewed? I've always scratched my head about. Why is that?

-The users who are moderators: while many of them seem reasonable and don't make extensive issues with cover art and even some of the Capitalization that is questionable. I.e., there are literally dozens of examples of items that are fine as they are capitalized, and then literally dozens of other examples that the moderators will make issue with and won't allow. Continuity errors?

-I've never fully followed why RYM, if they allow users to create release info, the info then is not allowed to be edited/updated ala Wikipedia without moderation. I mean their argument is of course anyone could just bullshit something trying to be funny; but at the same time, it can be corrected back again just as easily. So many of the releases have not been updated or are DELAYED due to RYM's moderators process, pace and anal restrictions. I mean I sometimes even wonder if many of the same folks who moderate RYM also run this site, lol.

I bring this up today per there's a release I added the cover art back in April, and it was the cover art linked from the official bandcamp page of the band. And this band is totally unknown and obscure. Yet a moderator finds a page on with the actual casing the release came-in, which also included the image from the Bandcamp. This physical release is extremely limited anyway (100 physical copies), yet the digital version via bandcamp will be available for years, even decades, lol.

I also swear recently I added some releases that were both released digital and cd, and a
moderator corrected me by saying the digital can be the primary issue, even when there is a physical issue. Because for the longest time, the CD issue always was the primary issue. But I swear that some moderator posted something that changed that on 1 of the releases I added or corrected (I'm unfortunately failing to find it tonight).

Also the fact in the case of the 1 today, it's a CDR and limited pressing. Plus it's such a small and unknown release, I really don't see why there should be any issue with cover art on the bandcamp page being used.

Also to not forget to point out, the moderator in this case, is someone whose only used rateyourmusic for 9 months, lol. How this person became a moderator in such a short time is a mystery. But I suppose their anal approach to stuff like this might explain why they've been on the site for such a short time. However, someone like myself whose been there for nearly 9 years, isn't, lol. Granted, I don't know how much work is required to be a moderator, or if I'd want to take on that responsibility. But if I did, I haven't done enough research into who I would need to approach about it. But if RYM actually was more conscious about who they appointed as Moderators, someone like the user I refer to would never had any opportunity being a Mod. At least given how short of a time they've been on the site.