Monday, November 23, 2015

2015 Black Friday Record Store Day Preview (per Bull Moose in Maine)

Another Record Store Day coming up and another video from the gentleman from Bull Moose a popular record store in Maine.
I only have 1 or 2 things on the  2015 Black Friday RSD List I'm looking to pickup in the Queen 12' Bohemiaqn Rhapsody and the Jeff Buckley Sly and the Family Stone cover "Everyday People" 7'

But there's a couple other items I want to find that may be there, like that Rush Presto 180g and possibly Black Mountain LP if I and my fiancee end up going to The Electric Fetus (not the 1st place we plan to go to like last year).

She on the other hand, has 3 or 4 items she wants, including the Paul McCartney "Say Say Say" (feat. Michael Jackson) single, The Cardigans and the Alan Parsons Project single (with the "Games People Play" edit) included.

FTR: I already own a signed copy of the Jaco DVD per my contribution to the Pledgemusic Campaign. Review? Maybe I'll do both a written and video review soon.

And possibly shoot some video on BF RSD if possibly at Breakfast and at the stores.

It was very cool of the guy from this store, Bull Moose, to list in the description everything:

1:00 RUN-DMC
3:06 Soundtracks
High Fidelity
4:35 True Detective
5:00 Love & Mercy (Brian Wilson)
5:25 Color of Noise
5:49 Sons of Anarchy
6:12 Transformers

LPs and 12" singles - Part I
7:40 The Zombies
9:50 Zappa
10:20 Ween
10:33 Vitamin String Quartet - Modest Mouse
10:50 The Sword
11:25 Sunn 0)))
12:00 Schooly D
13:47 Linda Ronstadt
14:55 Rockabye Baby - Fleetwood Mac
15:15 The Revolutionaires
15:35 Queen
16:00 Pujol
17:20 Nine Inch Nails
17:40 Mighty Mighty Bosstones
17:50 MGMT
18:05 Wes Montgomery
18:47 John Cougar Mellencamp
19:19 Megadeth
19:30 Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson (with props!)
20:30 Eric Matthews
21:20 Dave Matthews
21:49 Jaco Pastorius
25:50 Mass Mental

7" singles:
26:45 Link Wray
27:15 S.O.D./The Deftones
27:30 Rich Robinson
27:55 Shooter Jennings/Lukas Nelson
28:10 Otis Redding
28:25 Shuggie Otis
28:40 The Pharcyde
29:05 The Kinks (x2)
29:15 Batman
29:37 Carissa Johnson (part I)
31:30 Eazy-E
31:45 Phil Collins (with stand-in, not Chester Thompson either)

LPs part II
32:30 Lush
33:48 Jesus & Mary Chain, B-52s, Buzzcocks
33:58 Nick Lowe/Los Straightjackets
43:40 Judas Priest
34:50 Waylon Jennings
35:11 Joan Jett (delayed)
Carissa Johnson (part II)
Local artists
36:50 Jay Electronica
37:21 International Submarine Band
37:43 Roscoe Holcomb
37:55 John Lee Hooker
38:21 Ben Harper
38:48 Glitch Mob
39:10 Garbage
39:24 Neil Finn & Paul Kelly
39:40 Deerhook (with stunt double)
39:51 Damnation A.D.
40:10 Coheed & Cambria (with another stunt double)
40:20 Cardigans
40:31 Bowie
40:42 Behemoth
40:55 Jeff Beck
41:10 Beck (Hansen)
41:46 Animals as Leaders
42:00 Terry Adams/NQBQ