Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cruise to the Edge 2015: Chris Squire Tribute (w/ Portnoy, Marillion, Neal Morse)

The 2015 Cruise the Edge was held the last few days and of course right after he died, it was planned for a tribute to Chris Squire to take place. And Mike Portnoy was goinjg to be involved, as he was already going to playing on the Cruise as part of the Neal Morse band,

Well here's the set list, which includes all of Side 1 of Fish out of Water

Some videos below too.

I haven't seeked out a video of it, but I guess Ted Leonard joined for Changes, which of course Enchant did a cover of Changes on the Yes Tribute cd back in the mid 90's.

Also the fact the Marillion guys (Steve Hogarth, Pete Trawavas) were involved probably makes me the most envious, but too many reasons I can list are why I didn't go to this (largely due to $). Maybe it'll get released in some official capacity, but if not, at least the footage is on YouTube.

(Intro Tape - Amazing Grace)
Every Little Thing
No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed
Hold Out Your Hand / You By My Side
Silently Falling
Cinema / Make It Easy
City Of Love
The Fish Medley
Does It Really Happen (Reprise)