Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2014-2015 End of Year List etc

I'm thinking of really trying the twitter-post-length format this year. Why? I know it's kind of unfair to the many great records that have come out, on my Countdown, etc, but frankly, i don't fathom being up for investing the time not only the actually writing of the blurbs for all the records on the 2014-2015 countdown, but also just in revisiting them, or even a percentage of them.

I may end up taking a week off or more in December (or if not then, January), but December frankly is way late for my schedule, and with a lot of things on my plate and actually wanting to work on with this and My YouTube Channel, among other things my free time might warrant; continuing to plan a wedding, seek a new residence and plan to purchase a new (low mileage used) Car, it just doesn't seem as likely I can invest those hours to come up with another massive amount of album commentaries.

I mean the truth is, the Countdown List is more or less done. A lot of the images for the cover art have been included in the current Draft I have. So, I'm in a lot of ways tempted just to go ahead and throw it up with barely much to add as it currently is.

Which I probably won't, but I may just force myself to have it done by the end of Thanksgiving Weekend and at that point, whatever is not included, so be it.

I'll likely be more focused on Black Friday Record Store Day and the current and upcoming albums for 2015-2016 actually, which I have been adding-to almost everyday anyway.

What else? no promises, but the YouTube stuff hopefully will comeback. I still may try and do those Retro Favorite videos..unsure. Or I was thinking given how little time I've found to make them, I may just try and do extremely short videos more in pure Video-Blog format.

Sort of what's going on with AllMediaReviews today/this week. It easily could be random.

Or I may try and just randomly talk as briefly about bands or albums, sort of how Velocities In Music or some others have been doing their topic dujours, etc of late. Partly because even with a lot of those channels, there's a bit of a lack of certain bands/albums/periods of music within prog or otherwise.

I dunno. This blog is often Random. or has  been at times, why not the YouTube Channel?