Friday, November 13, 2015

Godspeed You Black Emperor finally coming (back) to MN 2/11/16

Chalk this one up in with Agalloch-finally-playing-in-Minnesota back in 2014. I'm not sure why finally they will be coming (back) to Minnesota after an extensive number of tours that did not hit my hometown,

Link shows they played in Minnesota twice, in 2003 in the First Avenue Mainroom and then in 1999 at the 400 Bar.

So, I did go down to The Electric Fetus tonight and somewhat surprising, managed to get a ticket for the upcoming February 11th, 2016 concert also at First Avenue's Mainroom.

How the show will be? I've seen mixed reviews of them live, but often they have next to no crowd interaction and may kind of take the *Shoegaze* approach of looking down on the stage while performing. But, they have included Video screens I guess which adds to their bleak, moody, style of atmospheric rock.

Now, for this upcoming show, if they end up playing a lot of (even only just) their new album, I may not be all that engaged because of the percentage of it that is methodical droney/doomy stuff. I honestly struggled with getting through Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress without being bored to tears.

So, I guess I'll see. But at least I'll be able to check them off my Bucket List finally, although whether it becomes clear why they finally managed to return here after X-number of tours, I may never learn. Maybe they were offered more $? Routing? Someone new at First Avenue likes them?

Now only if the likes of Faith No More, Imogen Heap and The Reign of Kindo come play here, my Bucket List may be able shrink even more.

Also on a sidenote, while browsing at The Electric Fetus, I saw a couple of Vinyls I have been looking for, for quite awhile. For one, Black Mountain's In the Future (I have seen some of their earlier records on Vinyl many times, but not that one, the 1 record I really like from them). And of course Rush's Presto (along with their entire 90's catalog), which just came in on 180-g remastered, etc with the rest of the Rush catalog in 2015.

I was awfully tempted, but decided to wait given I already was buying my Godspeed ticket. Raincheck, although I would ideally still want a 1st pressing of Presto, but other than Ebay, I question if it'll happen unless someone sells theirs for a copy of the new printing.