Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chris Squire - Rest in Peace 1948-2015

6/28/15 10:18AM-3:05PM

Jon Anderson chimed in. Really sad the 2 of them never fully reconciled exactly, at least from what has been provided publicly. But he does say they reconnected recently. Someone on mentioned an article in PROG that Jon said he emailed Chris when he heard about his Leukemia.

also another of the many comments on Social Media that are coming out, Geddy Lee mentioned something about admiring Chris but never actually meeting him, which is sad I suppose.

I just posted this on Facebook:
Chris Squire Rest in Peace. The news about his leukemia came out a few months ago was a concern, but this still does come suddenly. Chris being the only founding member of Yes (official) to be in the band throughout it's entire history. And hugely influential in progressive rock circles.
This just sucks, frown emoticon

This is pretty devastating, although he obviously was not young and may have been living with the Leukemia (and maybe not even known?) for awhile, who knows.

I have like a million things I could say about Chris and his role both in Yes and the influence he had on progressive rock and my taste in music, but I probably don't have the time to do so at this time. I just wonder who all will come out of the woodwork, namely among music media, who who may have overlooked Yes, at least come out and say something. I guess we'll see.

He will be dearly missed for sure.