Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mutemath: 2015 September/October NA Tour

I'm happy Wednesday September 16th, 2015 they are playing in Minneapolis (and only 3 days after The Dear Hunter show at The Triple Rock), but as  this link on First Avenue's page shows, it's NOT IN THE MAINROOM this time, but the 250-capacity venue, The 7th Street Entry.

Yet as the below history shows, they Headlined twice within the last 6 years in the Mainroom. Both of which were very full from my memory. I actually swear I saw them one other time in the Mainroom, but maybe I'm mixing them up with another band (Local Natives perhaps).

-February 18th, 2012 at the First Avenue MAINROOM Minneapolis, MN
-October 17th, 2009 First Avenue MAINROOM Minneapolis, MN

And it doesn't appear the Mainroom has anything confirmed listed on their calendar for September 16th right now, so this show not listed in the Mainroom is a pretty big WTF of today.

-Bad memory by the promoters who run First Avenue now?
-There's something else pending for that date that hasn't been announced yet?

I really wonder if this sells initially on Friday and the coming weeks, if ticket demand will force them to have it moved to a bigger venue (either to The Mainroom or at least somewhere like The Varsity Theater). It should. It was only 3 years ago when they HEADLINED to well over TRIPLE THE 7TH STREET ENTRY'S CAPACITY here, and they have never played a venue as small as The Entry (as 1 site with some venues info. The Fine Line, .even The Loft at Barfly, and the old Ascot Room held more than The 7th Street Entry).

So while I'm happy they are coming back and can't wait to hear Mutemath's new album Vitals this Fall, the fact they got booked to play a venue as small at The 7th Street seems rather baffling.

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