Thursday, June 11, 2015

Between the Buried and Me - Coma Ecliptic (2014-2015)

6/11/15 5:54AM
"Famine Wolf" streaming

Uh, kind of more of the same feeling. Not going crazy over it, but will certainly hope to like it more within the album.

5/14/15 5:35AM

2nd single "The Coma Machine"..the video lends some mystery or to the concept of course per the title and the whole being in a coma idea. Musically? kind of vanilla for them. I mean there's a few nice moments, and on the record per just this long of a video (nearly 9 minutes), I may get more into this.

I guess I'm just paying attention with not incredibly high expectations. Wanting them to shock me or expect something dramatically cool or new, remains in the past.

Some comments mention Queen on this track, I don't exactly hear it. Perhaps in subtle spots I guess.

4/3/15 12:10PM
1st single "Memory Palace"..9 minutes and 56 seconds; not necessarily an excessive length, for these guys, but I guess I do agree overall with some of the comments about this

a) sounding like Dream Theater, maybe a little too much

b) simply, lacking those great moments, and seeming to have some of the prog/prog metal cliches.

Some of the talk about this album in interviews is it's supposed to be a lot different and weird(er) and also  being an Opera or something.

I guess as I've said, I don't have enormous expectations for these guys, and this 1st track/single doesn't really change that all that much.

But, it is only the 1st track at least.

3/17/15 12:06PM

Not a ton to say about this other than I will of course check this out, and it's too bad their upcoming tour isn't coming to Minneapolis (although even if it was, I wonder/worry it would be at Mill City Nights anyway).

Parallax II, from 2012 I liked a lot of, but I still think suffered from some of what The Great Misdirect did in lacking flow and a lot of unnecessary extended sections. But I also recall concluding that is who BTBAM are now and I don't really expect another Colors or Alaska really at this point. But if it happens, I'll be all the happier. I'm still a fan regardless.

More edits and bumps when the details are made public of course.

"We are excited to announce the Coma Ecliptic tour named after our forthcoming new album! Our tour will feature Animals As Leaders and The Contortionist.  
VIP Packages are on-sale now at: 
Coma Ecliptic will be released via Metal Blade Records July 7th! 

More about our new album: 
"Once again, the band has returned with an ambitious concept album. This time, the story follows the wanderings of an unidentified man, stuck in a coma, as he journeys through his past lives. Each song is its own episode in a modern day, sort of The Twilight Zone-esque fashion. The unidentified man enters each world and is offered a choice: stay, or move on to the next in search of something better, something more "perfect." Vocalist / keyboardist Tommy Rogers spoke with Revolver Magazine for their upcoming issue, which will be on newsstands everywhere March 31st. Pick up the magazine for an exclusive first look at the album's recording process and concept. New music and pre-orders bundles will be launched on April 3rd, 2015." "