Saturday, June 13, 2015

Steven Wilson interview June 10, 2015 (That Drummer Guy) + Mpls show 6/7/15 review

6/13/15 10:15PM

Tonight's show in Los Angeles is being streamed live by "Yahoo Live" etc and it also may be available to watch later..(for a day or maybe like a week?).

Anyway, it just started about 10 minutes ago, as I just started streaming it.

6/12/15 10:52PM

Here's a short discussion I had with John after and about the show on Sunday; Steven Wilson's music, H.C.E,, etc and a little about Dreams of the Life the documentary about Joyce Carol Vincent, etc.

6/10/15 10:23PM

Josh Rundquist also known as That Drummer Guy was fortunate enough to get to interview Steven Wilson for the 2nd time earlier today per telephone. I guess timing didn't work out for the show on Sunday, but it was very cool of Steven to still have Josh interview him.

The interview is about 15 minutes and the questions were primarily about his live show and this current tour, which of course makes sense since he and his band are on tour.

I probably should write up some kind of review about the show, but haven't gotten around to it. So here's some more details:

Great show, and great VISUALLY, probably more than the last tour even. The videos and concept of Hand. Cannot Erase added even more.

"Happy Returns" was even more tear jerking than even on the record, with the video. That is certainly one of the saddest songs Steven's ever written.

Lazarus, The Watchmaker, the HCE title track, 3 Years Older, Routine, Regret #9 just thinking..were all highlights. Even a song like Sleep Together and Harmony Korine.

The new/unreleased demos segued together I even enjoyed, although sound-wise I was more reminded of The Raven sound, more than HCE actually. But as Josh asked about in the interview, Steven mentioned they along with a couple of other pieces may come out on an EP of some kind soon.

And the title track to The Raven Refused to Sing stood out in a lot of ways.

Why Steven never played at The Varsity previously? is surprising, but I hope when he comes back again, he ends up there as the theatrical element totally fit.

Did I meet Steven? I waited around for nearly an hour, but no dice. I didn't take Monday off from work though, and when I decided to give up and leave around 11:20PM, it was starting to flash lightning in the area.

I hopefully will make a video soon as well.

Minneapolis June 7th, 2015 setlist (I believe, track order may not be exact)

First Regret
3 Years Older
Hand Cannot Erase
Perfect Life
Home Invasion
Regret #9
Lazarus (Porcupine Tree song)
Harmony Korine
***Unreleased HCE Demos segued together***
Happy Returns
Ascendant Here On...

(Bass Communion song) (Watchmaker Intro Video)
The Watchmaker
Sleep Together (Porcupine Tree song)

Encore 2:
The Raven That Refused to Sing