Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Motopony - Welcome You (2014-2015)

6/3/15 6:35AM

I 1st heard and saw Seattle-based Motopony last fall when The Family Crest played with them at The Cedar Cultural Center. I liked them, although they didn't blow me away exactly. but I liked their use of layers and harmonies.

Anyway, I knew they had a new record coming in 2015, and this is it. The track list and even certainty on the below image being the cover is not clear from what I can tell.

Regardless, both of these 2 new tracks linked below are really good, and maybe better than I expected. This could be another little sleeper record, that apparently is coming out in just a few weeks on June 23rd.

Catchy and Psychedelic.

Stream "1971" the newest track.

The 1st single "Daylight's Gone"