Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Woods Brothers - Terra Firma [Single] (2014-2015) (ft. Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter)

This is the debut single from The Woods Brothers, and they were fortunate enough to have the services of Casey Crescenzo sing on this song.

I was introduced to them and the fact Casey was guesting on this song a few months ago per The Dear Hunter's fans forum.

Honestly, even without Casey, this is would be a pretty tasty track, but it sounds awesome with him.
What I'm not clear about is, is this the only track.

edit: okay in re-reading the topic here Casey is quite involved in this upcoming record, but he may not be singing on any other tracks, But there are other guest singers, including Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy and some others, 1 may be Cedric from The Mars Volta even.

Also the Facebook page below has some nice footage in the studio with Casey.

I made a comment a few months ago about this being a little like Neverending White Lights with many different singers, etc. I'm curious how cohesive and even conceptual The Woods Brothers debut album may be.

Regardless, this 1st single is excellent, (even with Casey's vocals I suppose being a big part), and it adds intrigue to the full-length which from that topic, could be coming this Fall sometime.

Now I kind of wish I had contributed to the Indiegogo, but I'll likely pick it up regardless.

The Woods Brothers on Facebook