Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Royal Veil: Live From Studio 5 (at KFAI)

This performance/interview was conducted a few weeks ago, but it's only now I'm checking some of it out. However, I haven't listened to all that much of it yet (just the 1st 10 mins of the video), but hopefully time will allow for that soon (along with a few other things just online like The Polyphonic Spree documentary and the latest update from Rob Thomas about the Veronica Mars movie).

But it is cool the radio station I volunteer at (and wish I could more in the last 2 years, but sadly, my time has been compromised per work, gf, and other things unfortunately), had a local band I really like and support included on 1 of their shows.
Entire (1 Hour?) Show, Perfromance, Interview Stream/Download