Saturday, December 21, 2013

Being - Anthropocene (2013)

This is sort of a long-awaited, long-delayed debut record from this band whose name I first saw maybe around 2010 or 2011 per the (dredg fans forum). A version of the album was shared then on soundcloud. Soundwise, they were kind of a djent version of dredg, for lack of a better way to describe it.

Anyway, since then I have read their Facebook posts, but kind of only kept them and this album in the back of my mind. And I recall even last year, they said this album would be released officially on 12/21. But it did not.

So, 1-year to-the-day, they finally finished it and it's available. I'm assuming the whole band are finally happy with the mix, arrangements, production, etc. I'm streaming it right now, and must say I'm probably enjoying it more than I expected. It does sound a bit like if Gavin Hayes was singing with a djent band in some ways. And I have more or less written off djent, but this seems more tolerable than most of that stuff.

Anthropocene cover art

1.Cosmonaut (Misha Mansoor - Periphery) 05:00
2.DNA 05:20
3.Mindflay (Brian Wade & Josh Clark - Vestascension) 03:23
4.Story For A Muse 04:24
5.A Part, Apart (Brian Kohlhoff - An Obscure Signal 04:39
6.Perpetual Groove 07:08
7.Arcane Academic (Gabriel Riccio - The Gabriel Construct; Travis Orbin; Justin Gosnell - Vestascension) 07:42
8.Escape (Patrick Purves - Life On Repeat; I.V. & Royal - The Fresh Republic) 06:23
9.Sorrow (Andy Gruhin) 05:04
10.Air Atlantic (Spencer Sotelo - Periphery) 04:11
11.The Singularity - Terrans I 05:54
12.The Singularity - Cosmists II (Kento Watanabe) 12:27