Saturday, December 21, 2013

As Tall As Lions: Farewell Documentary Coming 12/25/13

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they've been posting about this off and on, over the last week or 2 on Facebook. As Tall As Lions of course are still over, finished, retired, broke up, indefinite hiatus, etc since 2011? I know I was down when they broke up, but in truth, I know a bunch of others who were more or less devastated.

To be honest, they ended up breaking up, much like a lot of other bands over the last 5 or more years, so they in a way, were sort of a number in the whole breakup due to not getting big/no major label contract situation. Or maybe just due to losing money and members having other priorities, like family, bills, etc.
But I can't deny, I have come to really appreciate them, and especially their last record from 2009 You Can't Take It With You. I have even come to notice many bands who remind me of them (K Sera and Empires from Chicago in some ways, come to mind among others).

I'll also never forget seeing them floor me on the dredg/RX Bandits tour, namely with the group drum jam at the end. And the last time I got to see them at The Varsity Theater, a show I was loving but ended up leaving a few minutes early because I wanted to see Judgement Day at the 400 Bar the same night. As it turned out, I was early for JD. In retrospect, I wish I had stayed for the whole show and been able to chat a little with the band afterwards.

edit: I just noticed this along with a bunch of other videos from the show I saw them open for Mutemath at First Ave October 17th, 2009.

Although Rob Parr, who was a touring member of As Tall As Lions, but I am not certain was actually on any of their records, may not have been at the last show I saw (whether due to cost, other commitments, or some other reason). Rob though since, has been a touring member of The Dear Hunter, and also has released some music of his own which I recall purchasing. But I've come to really enjoy chatting with him at TDH shows, and ATAL often come up. I suspect he could show up in some if not a lot of the footage in this documentary.

I wonder a bit about the people with this Transcend Motion Pictures and what kind of film or other work they've done. Maybe some other band docs, or documentaries of other kinds?

Also Kimbra, of all people is a fan and appears on a b-side from YCTIWY. Maybe she'll appear as well?

As Tall As Lions Official documentary trailer is here!

Trailer includes a sneak peak of never released B side "To the Sound". A digital copy of the song is included with purchase of the documentary - not to mention bonus live footage. 

Full documentary will be available for purchase on 12.25.13

Also I'll fully admit to not hearing this project of some of the members titled Blocks