Monday, December 16, 2013

SikTh - TBA (2012-2014?)

12/16/13 8:42PM

Reunion live, album perhaps next year or soon after as well?

SikTh. Download 2014. It's on.

new twitter account by the way.


What’s the plan for SikTh beyond that?

“Nothing yet. Nothing at all. We wanted to come back and do a really great gig and see how it goes. We’ve got new bands, we have obligations to our careers, but equally, we do want to make new SikTh music in the future at some point. This is a one-off gig for now, and then we’ll see how it goes…”

1/22/12 11:14AM

Article link

Facebook post by the band

More Merch has been ordered guys.. hoodies and girls skinny tee's. we will then look at getting some of the other designs up. btw, Calls for a reunion are amazing.. thanks... OF COURSE we want to... we've never said other wise. It will happen when the times right. There WILL be another SikTh record... and it will be our best... thats a PROMISE. It took us the best part of 2 years to complete the writing of DOADD so I guess you'll have to be patient. Besides, theres a bucket load of riffs that we wrote for album three still sat there - so we'll have a head start next time ;-)

I'm just going with the album could come out this year, but given how long their last record Death of a Dead Day took, and what that message on FB says, it may not come for a few years.

However, news of them making a new album (and back together) while not a huge surprise, is still significant. Since for myself and I'm sure many others who really started getting into them around the time they broke up (2008) or shortly after, the often belief of a great band will become legends since they are now gone, etc

And SikTh, despite what that metalsucks article says, were "pioneering" or at least quite distinct or original in a lot of ways. That's one of the biggest reasons why they stand out to me. Progressive Thespian Metalcore with at times insanely complex compositions. Crazy, yet still within the constructs in making a song and an album work. There's not many bands, metal, progressive, or otherwise, that I see being able to do that, especially as effectively as they have done. So to have another record from these guys is rather big news to myself.

Now whether this next album will compare to their other work? who knows. maudlin of the Well's Part the 2nd is good, but has not found the amazing statement-level of their earlier work. So, that is I suppose one reason to not expect something at that earlier level, after a hiatus. Although at least in their case, it'll only be 5-6 years, motW's was nearly 10 (although the music was still written around the period they had been a band before their hiatus/transition).