Sunday, December 1, 2013

Goblin @ The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis 11/30/13

Here's my post from Facebook last night when I got home:

I just got back from seeing Goblin w/ Zombi . Good show, and I can call myself a Goblin fan now. The crowd however, I'd say at least 2/3 of, did not come across as a group that would enjoy 1970's Italian progressive rock at all. And I would guess more than HALF of Goblin's set was NOT FROM SOUNDTRACKS, i.e. the 70's progressive rock influenced by bands like King Crimson and Genesis (or PFM and Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso). The majority of the crowd were mostly Horror movie fans, and Gothic Rock/Gothic Metal fans. But, the music Goblin were playing, was more or less not what I would suspect, be the kind those people lean towards. 

In other words, I wouldn't be surprised the majority of the crowd had no idea what they were listening to, lol. Which I find both funny and yet shocking at the same time. I mean if these folks really dig Goblin, than I would think they would also include the likes of Genesis, PFM, Il Balletto Di Bronzo, and the like.

Here's a setlist from Englewood, CO that I am just going to assume is close-to the same if not identical.

Magic Thriller
Mad Puppet
Dr. Frankenstein
E Suono Rock
Non Ho Sanno / Death Farm
L'alba dei Morti Viventi / Zombi
Mad Puppet's Laugh / School At Night / Profondo Rosso



But to add to my Facebook post from last night.

-the pieces presumably from the Soundtracks like Suspiria, Dawn of the Dead and a few others, had Video Clips on a screen behind the band shown while the band played. At points the music they were playing fit those clips (many of which seemed to be on repeat, and were pretty much a MONTAGE of scenes from those films, although almost entirely focused on the dramatic and GOREY scenes from those movies).

I guess this is the 1st tour Goblin has done in the States in 38 years (and/or their 1st tour ever of North America). And it very well may be their only tour.

I may be forgetting, but I thought I read this tour was like some of the Trans Siberian Orchestra tours, where in order to as many cities as they could, they split the band up into 2 groups. I.e., we saw only 1 of the lineups for Goblin last night.

The people at this show, did not at all appear to be progressive rock fans. I would guess at least 2/3 or more of them only came to see the band play along to clips of Dawn of the Dead. Which is fine I guess, but not my motivation at all. I enjoy horror movies, but Zombies? typically no. And when gore seems to be the focus (especially the clips they showed/repeated/isolated).