Monday, December 16, 2013

2014 Rock Hall: Peter Gabriel gets IN, but NOT Yes or Deep Purple

Can't find myself to write the rant/analysis/hyperbole I have meant to since the nominees came out in October. But, given the PTO this week, maybe I'll manage to elaborate more on this then.

But for now, here's the news...

Cat Stevens
Hall and Oates
Linda Ronstadt
Peter Gabriel 
Brian Epstein
The E Street Band

Gabriel is nice to see. My girlfriend loves Hall & Oates, although not to the level of Michael Nesmith or The Monkees. Kiss and Nirvana were gonna happen .Ronstadt = Goodbye My Friend and her Michael Nesmith connection I always think of. Cat Stevens, I enjoy the soundtrack from Harold and Maude mostly. I would go for Sufjan Stevens inducting him, but I doubt it'll happen. I also remember Marillion was once on a plane with him that was stopped by security given his muslim name. The E Street Band I enjoy, mostly the 70's stuff, but put much of that with Bruce himself.

2015, maybe The Moody Blues, Yes and Deep Purple, although the biggest issue likely will be each year, more and more artists get eligible. Why I think the Hall should expand the nominees to 20 and the inductees to 10. Far too many older acts who will never get in, or even nominated again if at all with the numbers. O well, maybe more later. Too bad Yes didn't make it.