Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Grape and the Grain: Campaign

As I posted just a few weeks ago HERE, about this new project from Daniel Grimsland, whose the bassist for the band Three. His new somewhat heavy bluesy hardrock band The Grape and the Grain put out a single (and a record earlier this year, which I bought, but have not listened to yet. I imagine it was just Daniel playing everything, and sound-wise may be a bit different than the now full-band sound of TGatG).

But they have a crowd funding campaign per, which is another site I have not heard or seen until they set this up.

I just supported it and it looks like they have 20 days left with a $7,000 goal. Basically until around New Years. Maybe some X-Mas gifts/$ for those interested. Many of the Three fans alone I would think would be intrigued enough to support this. Their sound is intriguing enough, this record may come out as good as many of the Three albums (not necessarily sounding exactly like Three though, which they don't really).