Friday, December 27, 2013

Kevin Gilbert's Giraffe - This Warm Night/Because of You (live)

some discussion in the Kevin Gilbert online fanbase like a month ago about a tape Greg Stone of Stone Trek found/sold on Ebay. A cassette tape of some early NRG stuff. Whoever won said auction, the hope was, they would make it available in some fashion, even just for the email list subscribers., etc.

And I recall it was from a Reel-to-Reel.

This may not be from the same source/tape, but man, for a KG fan like myself, this is like gold. The arrangements sound fantastic, and the clarity is quite fine.

This is a recording from the Yamaha Soundcheck competition that Giraffe ended up winning, and Kevin met Patrick Leonard, Madonna's producer. etc as a result. But there was if not still a video from the Yamaha Soundcheck performance that was on the Troubadour DVD and on Kevin's site at 1 time. And I think it was on Youtube as well. I just question the performance from that being the same as this.

  • This is a digital transfer of a 7" x 1/4" 15ips 2-track reel made by Kevin Gilbert for Greg Stone of San Jose's KOME and 'Stone Trek' fame; the machine is an Akai GX-400D Pro Separate. This 16 September 1988 performance won Giraffe the Yamaha Soundcheck competition finals at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, CA. It also attracted the attention of Pat Leonard, one of the judges, resulting in the Toy Matinee project.