Thursday, July 4, 2013


Psychotic Waltz were and now are a prog metal band who came up in the late 80's/early 90's I recall. They released a bunch LPs..maybe 4 or 5 full-lengths. I think 4 of which I heard, my favorite being Into the Everflow.

These guys never got quite the following that Fates Warning or Savatage ever did, but in a lot of ways, were just as *progressive* or just original sounding. I suppose some of the bands Jeff Wagner talked about in Mean Deviation might claim as much if not more originality and lack-of recognition. Although even bands like Voivod got more credit.

I suppose part of it is the production style of their recordings being rather stripped down and grainy at times. I guess I never cared too much, I enjoyed their ability to be odd, weird, funky, and diverse.

Anyway, I am not expecting genius here, but it is cool to have them get back together and make some new music. The same time/year even as the new Fates Warning record in fact too.

Recently reunited San Diego-area progressive metallers Psychotic Waltz have just returned from performances at Rock Hard and Keep It True festivals, as well as their first-ever headlining shows in Greece. The band is now back at home and has started the songwriting process for its fifth studio album (and the group's first record since 1996) for a tentative late 2013 release.

Psychotic Waltz reunited with its original lineup (vocalist Devon Graves, guitarists Dan Rock and Brian McAlpin, bassist Ward Evans and drummer Norm Leggio) early in 2011 after a break of nearly fifteen years. The band took part in the Power Of Metal tour of Europe in April 2011 alongside Nevermore and Symphony X, marking a triumphant return to the scene, and the first time the five founding members had been on the same stage since 1995.

I've always likened this tune to Jethro Tull.