Monday, July 29, 2013

The Red Paintings - The Revolution Is Never Coming (2013)

7/29/13 5:30PM

finally available in the US w/  t-shirt bundle as an option. Vinyl? ..maybe in due time.

6/11/13 12:00PM
Available to purchase in AUSTRALIA, HERE FROM JBHIFI 

Loving this fucking record, the more I hear it. Trash does remind me of some singers, I think perhaps maybe closest to Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro.

But not to spoil, but when my Midyear Albums countdown is published soon, don't be surprised to see this record rather high. 

6/10/13 12:00PM 

Wow, this album "The Revolution is Never Coming" very well may have lived-up if not exceeded the expectations and hype I've seen in so many glaring reviews over the past few weeks. Wow, the drumming is BOMBASTIC, the songs are *epic* in more than a few ways. The strings or mostly violin work is tremendous. The melodies stay with you. I think the amount of time/years they spent working to finish it is evident. I can see myself listening to it a fair amount over the coming weeks to get a better idea, but for now, I can already say it's a 4-star record with a ton to explore. It may just be held back by a few little things like some of the tracks silent spots, and a little bit of compression on the cymbals and swallowing by their singer briefly at points.

But if the Revolution is in fact never coming, at least this record finally has come.

1 early review

Another review from today (5/23/13)

Taking elements from the full rainbow of rock from the 60s to the future and beyond, you’ll find The Beatles sitting alongside Karnivool, and Radiohead in a world where Seattle grunge, punk, neo-classical, prog, and many more genres live harmoniously.

This amalgamation was created by The Red Paintings with help from a choir, violin, cello, horns, guitar, synth, bass and drums. Oh, and a 35-piece orchestra.

The Revolution Is Never Coming

01 Vampires Are Chasing Me
02 Dead Children
03 Dead Adults
04 Wasps
05 The Fall Of Rome
06 Walls
07 Streets Fell Into My Window
08 You’re Not One Of Them
09 It Is As It Was
10 Hong Kong
11 Deleted Romantic
12 Rain
13 The Revolution Is Never Coming

release date in Australia for this album is June 7th. I guess it'll be coming to North America in August or perhaps even October. These glaring reviews have my interest going up about this record, quite a bit more.