Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blackfield - Blackfield IV (2013)

7/25/13 11:54AM

New song "Jupiter." I haven't heard it yet of course, but some comments are saying it's good like the track "Pills" below.

6/8/13 9:53AM

Scratch the info from 6/6/13, here's the info. So AUGUST 26TH at least internationally.

Israel's leading counter-culture Rock musician Aviv Geffen returns with Blackfield IV, featuring Steven Wilson and other special collaborators. 

The new album includes guest vocal performances from Brett Anderson (Suede), Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev) and Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema). 

Since Welcome To My DNA, Geffen's profile has continued to rise and Aviv has worked with legendary producers Tony Visconti and Trevor Horn, played live with U2 and Placebo, and been a judge on the Israeli TV show, The Voice. 

Aviv contributed writing and vocals to Blackfield IV, while Steven Wilson - who also mixed the album and provided the 5.1 mix - added guitar and vocal parts. 

This is the limited double disc cd/dvd-av edition, presented in a digibook. 

Pre-order for 26th August shipping. 
preorder (£11.99 GBP) 

1. Pills 
2. Springtime 
3. XRay (featuring Vincent Cavanagh - Anathema) 
4. Sense of Insanity 
5. Firefly (featuring Brett Anderson - Suede) 
6. The Only Fool is Me (featuring Jonathan Donahue - Mercury Rev) 
7. Jupiter 
8. Kissed by the Devil 
9. Lost Souls 
10. Faking 
11. After the Rain

6/6/13 7:30PM
apparently for mixing reasons among others?, this album has been pushed back to November.

Source: I read it on the I recall.

2/25/13 9:00PM
The news about a new Blackfield album isn't really all that new, as the below linked Twitter status is from November 20th. But the video stream below is for a new song titled "Pills."

And I may have not made as much time for another BF album, namely due to the fact their last record Welcome to My DNA was "forgettable" among other ways to describe it. And the fact Steven Wilson has stated more than once his involvement with Blackfield is even more limited, now not even being an official member. So, it really is just Aviv Geffen and whatever guests along with Steven Wilson in a much more limited role. I guess he sings on a few songs, and plays some guitar among a few other things (see Wikipedia or some recent SW interviews).

But "Pills" sounds pretty good actually. More textured and melancholy maybe than anything since the debut record.

And it's coming in April according to that post. Among the guest singers, one is Danny Cavanagh from Anathema. And I believe it'll be released on Kscope Music.

BF4 should be out around April,sounds really good and Steven worked on 5.1 mix as well..more details to follow pretty soon A