Monday, July 8, 2013

The Age of Rockets - Adults (2013)

7/8/13 6:18PM

I got it as a download today given I pledged $25 or more to the Kickstarter. CDs will be coming later to the $100 Kickstarters and I guess even later (like 2014?) for the standard version.

But here's the breakdown. I sort of understand why he shared the Tracklist so long ago (2012?) . In a way, it's like what Archive or Biffy Clyro have done (among many others) where they release demos and other songs/other version of songs. The new Ours album I guess very well could be including more version like this.

But, this was intentional. What I'm struggling a bit with is how I want to listen to this. Initially I'll probably just play the 3 "versions" as they are, and then maybe highlight specific versions of each track and try and then combine them on a CDR. I say that, as I am a little challenged compared to most people, including who The Age of Rockets intended this album's experiment to be for, as in FOR AN MP3 PLAYER/PLAYLIST to be played either at random between all 3 versions, or just a mixing and matching AMONG ALL 30 OF THE TRACKS AMONGST ALL 3 VERSIONS.

But unless I use a 3-cd changer and hit random, which I don't foresee unless I'm at my girlfriend's who has 1 or in her car, I am likely going to have to CUSTOM MAKE my own versions/order of the tracks.

Which I guess is sort of 1-of if not the whole point of this experiment.

Now, the music itself or course needs to hold up and justify it, and I think it may, but it's funny how this is a format or listening to music that in some ways, actually DOES REQUIRE you to listen carefully.

But that should be at least part of the fun of it.

1.1 Darling Street (Version 1) 3:21
1.2 Alas That Such Evil Days Should Be Mine (Version 1) 4:26
1.3 March/April/May (Version 1) 7:54
1.4 Cold Season (Version 1) 2:36
1.5 Connecticut (Version 1) 3:16
1.6 What Was for Us (Version 1) 3:11
1.7 Chapter 7 (Version 1) 3:46
1.8 Flights (Version 1) 4:17
1.9 When the Moon Began to Drift (Version 1) 3:41
1.10 Can't Tell Me Nothing (Version 1) 4:39


2.1 Darling Street (Version 2) 3:29
2.2 Alas That Such Evil Days Should Be Mine (Version 2) 5:15
2.3 March/April/May (Version 2) 4:28
2.4 Cold Season (Version 2) 3:17
2.5 Connecticut (Version 2) 3:03
2.6 What Was for Us (Version 2) 3:12
2.7 Chapter 7 (Version 2) 3:51
2.8 Flights (Version 2) 3:41
2.9 When the Moon Began to Drift (Version 2) 3:17
2.10 Can't Tell Me Nothing (Version 2) 6:58


3.1 Darling Street (Version 3) 2:52
3.2 Alas That Such Evil Days Should Be Mine (Version 3) 3:28
3.3 March/April/May (Version 3) 5:13
3.4 Cold Season (Version 3) 2:26
3.5 Connecticut (Version 3) 5:00
3.6 What Was for Us (Version 3) 3:14
3.7 Chapter 7 (Version 3) 10:04
3.8 Flights (Version 3) 3:32
3.9 When the Moon Began to Drift (Version 3) 3:03
3.10 Can't Tell Me Nothing (Version 3) 2:30


123 minutes or 2 Hours and 3 minutes.

7/4/13 11:32AM

The Record is done. It will be out September 1st (my birthday) Kickstarter kickers will get it this week.

sadly we won't ever play again and this is the last record. We managed to do 3 records and never have a release party!

Good News and Bad, but not surprising news.

It took nearly 4 years, but this sucker is finally coming out. Bittersweet I suppose.

If I have 1 regret, I was looking at my Kickstarter contribution, I gave $25.

A digital download of the entire 30 track album as soon as it's finished. You will be one of the first people to receive the album. Probably about a month before it goes up on itunes! Also the name and link on our website!

But it appears in order to have received the physical CD(s), I would have to have contributed $100, lol. Now I remember why I didn't.

I guess if in some way, this album is released in physical form to the public, I may have to purchase a copy for an affordable rate ($30 or $40 perhaps?). I asked them on Facebook about the format, so hopefully that'll be more clear soon.

3/27/12 3:33AM

I was holding off posting this until more of the final details went public, but I suppose it doesn't make much difference at this point. Here's the cover art that is now public. And the track list for the 1st CD is below. Hopefully more details will come soon, namely a release date (or a Kickstarter pledge email download/mail-out date)

I do know, in all likelihood, this album will be the last The Age of Rockets record, for many years if ever. But regardless, if this album is amazing, it will hopefully be worth it.

CD 1
01 - Darling Street
02 - Alas That Such Evil Days Should Be Mine
03 - March / April / May
04 - Cold Season
05 - Connecticut
06 - What Waits For Us
07 - Chapter Seven
08 - Flights
09 - When The Moon Began To Drift
10 - Can't Tell Me Nothin'

10/16/11 11:33AM

facebook announcement

As I think I posted in earlier entries, this 30-track, 3-cd concept record is coming, and for those who pledged to their kickstarter for this album and perhaps the pre-order, they should be receiving an email download link sometime around X-Mas.

In the mean time, I would definitely recommend hearing some of the clips Andrew Furtal has shared on their tumblr page which have totally intrigued me, maybe even more than their previous records.

The only thing to be a little down about is what Andrew posted on facebook the other day

Losing my mind working on the new record. I will be very surprised if I have another Age of Rockets record in me after this.

which I honestly don't blame him and the large amount of time and work that he has had to put into this album/project I would think once its done, he and the band will want to take a long break from recording. But then again, time can recharge/replenish and change your mindset.