Wednesday, July 3, 2013

O'Brother - Disillusion (2013)

This album is being released on August 20th.

I probably haven't been up on this as much as I would have preferred. I think part of that is, while I do/did enjoy O'Brother's debut record Garden Window a fair amount back in 2011, their style is rather schizophrenic, and especially with Doomy/Sludgey music, I often have struggled with it, if not just not cared for at all (see Minnesota's own Zebulon Pike for example).

But that being said, I am happy and looking forward to this record, but I suppose like Garden Window, my expectations are not gigantic. More of, I'll check it out, if it doesn't blow me away, I won't be too down about it, but maybe at least a few songs will grab me. And if it does really catch my ear, I will be happily surprised.

These guys are doing a type of college experimental prog in some ways, and actually there aren't really any bands who cover the exact combinations of styles of music.

1. Come Into the Divide
2. Parasitical
3. Context
4. Perilous Love
5. Path of Folly
6. Oblivion
7. Transience
8. Disillusion
9. Absence
10. Radiance